Bramha Scientific Leader of Intermediates manufacturing

About Our Company

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Bramha Scientific is pioneered in process research and development of high quality intermediates and is increasing the products portfolio day by day.

We have excellent laboratory facilities for the development and manufacturing of intermediates, NCE’S, API’s companies interested in outsourcing their R & D activities. The laboratory consists of Custom Synthesis, Process Research & Development. The laboratory is located in IDA Mallapur, Hyderabad, India. The research projects will be under the supervision of the client’s program coordinator and each project from Bramha Scientific will have a single point of contact. The data generated will be made available to client as per their protocol as e-documents or paper.


BRAHMA SCIENTIFIC has good team of expertise in development and manufacturing of the NCE’S, INTERMEDIATES AND API’s with lower cost and to save the time.


BRAHMA SCIENTIFIC has state-of-the-art facilities to offer contract research services that meet the needs of global clients. These state-of-the art facilities have been set up at IDA Mallapur at Hyderabad, India.
BRAHMA SCIENTIFIC is equipped or have access all the necessary equipment.

  • vacuum owens
  • pH meter – CyberScan Series (ECPH51042SEU)
  • Reaction Stations
  • Magnetic and Overhead Stirrers
  • Heidolph Rotavaps
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • LC – MS / 2210 model - Shimadzu
  • GC - 2010- Shimadzu
  • IR spectrophotometer - Perkin Elmer

Project Management

A Project Team is led by a Project Manager and a team of scientists. We guarantee the quality and the timelines of each project. The Project Manager is the single point of contact with the Client. The entire communication process is through secured e-mails, regular teleconferences, videoconferences and periodic face-to-face meetings. We send weekly progress reports on the progress of each project to the Client and a summary report on the completion of the Project.